While solar energy has been an up-and-coming technology for a long time now, it wasn’t always super viable for most homeowners as a total replacement to their power supply. However, as technology improves and conditions change, solar power is becoming more popular than ever, and it has absolutely reached the point where it can independently power homes across the nation.

We are obviously very strong believers in the power of solar energy at All Good Energy, which is why it irks us that, even to this day, there are still all kinds of myths that prevail about solar energy and its viability for personal use.

In our first ever blog post, we would like to dismantle some of these common myths, and deliver some enlightening truths about the true potential of renewable energy via solar technology. Ready to have your mind blown and your perceptions changed? Keep reading!


Myth: Solar Panels Don’t Work in Cold or Cloudy Conditions

This is a pretty big deal, especially for people who live in areas that frequently experience cold weather or overcast conditions. It’s easy to see why buying into this myth would push people away from solar power, but it’s just that — a myth.

The bottom line is that sunlight penetrates through the clouds, even if it doesn’t seem like it. It’s certainly enough to power solar panels, and you won’t have to worry about being out of power should the sun be covered up for a little bit.

Did you know that one of the solar energy capitals of the world is Germany? Did you know that Germany gets about as much sunshine as Alaska each year? Indeed, many countries and states that experience frequent sun blockage are good candidates for solar power. This is definitely one of the biggest myths, and one you should stop believing if you’ve been fooled by it up to this point!

Myth: The Tech Will Just Keep Getting Better, So I Should Wait

This argument could sort of maybe be true from a certain point of view, but the real question here is where do you draw the line? In fact, this same argument could be said for every piece of technology. Why buy a smartphone now if better ones will be out next year? Why invest in a new car if the new cars five years from now will be even better? Why buy today’s game consoles when the next ones will have even better graphics?

Ultimately, we’ve reached the point where we’re seeing diminishing returns in terms of solar panel technology. Panels are more powerful today than they were in the 60s by an order of magnitude, but we’ve reached the point where we’re harnessing solar power extremely efficiently, and while the tech will undoubtedly get better and better, the difference between today’s solar panels and the ones five years from now will be much smaller than it has been in previous decades.

Myth: Installation is Difficult and Solar Panels Are Maintenance-Heavy

At All Good Energy, we’ve been conducting solar panel services to the Florida area for years, so you can rest assured that we know exactly how hard installations are, and exactly how much maintenance we will need.

Installing solar panels isn’t always the easiest process, but to say that it’s aggressively difficult would also be an overstatement. That being said, at All Good Energy, we understand that this is a pain point for many would-be solar customers, and that’s why one of our main services is solar panel installation. Want awesome solar panel power wired directly into your home? Just call us, make your order after our free consultation, and sit back and relax as we do the heavy lifting for you.

In terms of maintenance, solar technology is actually less maintenance-heavy than you’d expect, but in the event that your panels need any work, we will gladly provide our services.

Myth: The Return on Investment Takes Too Long

This is one we’re really tired of hearing, mainly because it’s not true, and because it scares so many people away from the wonderful power of solar technology.

The traditional mentality is that solar power takes 25 years to pay itself off. That is to say, it takes 25 years before the amount of power saved by solar is equivalent to the expense of buying and installing the tech. This is an absurd claim, and it varies wildly depending on the nature of your solar setup, the size of your house, and the types of panels you used. In reality, if you’re a savvy spender who is aware of the available solar credits, you can have a positive ROI in four to six years, or potentially even sooner. For anyone who’s paying off a mortgage, that’s only a tiny fraction of your home’s ultimate longevity.
Additionally, solar power actually increases the value of a home, and many people have made their investment back when they sold their houses because their solar setup created a lot of additional value.

Myth: You Won’t Have Power At Night

This is another myth that’s just downright silly — do people assume that those with solar power just get through each night, powerless, through sheer grit? Having power and electricity is absolutely vital to the modern American lifestyle (and, indeed, the world), and not having power at night just isn’t an option for most people. Aside from almost every recreational luxury using up power, there are also essential functions such as keeping food cold in the fridge.

So, how does it work? Solar panels can’t function at night, because they do require the sun’s sweet sustenance. However, the panels receive a lot of power from sunshine, and it’s enough to “save up” energy that can then be released during the night. In a way, your panels stock up on a reserve of energy that keeps them going through each night until the sun comes back up again.

In other words, your solar panels are never going to just quit on you. Whether you’re powering your home through reserve energy, or it’s being funneled into the neighborhood, the sun will always give your solar panels everything we need. So not to worry — you can still charge your phone in bed and look at cat videos while you’re doing it.

Solar Energy Solutions in Florida

It’s important to be informed when it comes to renewable energy, and we hope that everyone in Florida will come to learn how much of a boon solar power can be — not only to your own home but to the Earth as well, which we have a responsibility of being good stewards over. We would love to provide you with quality solar power solutions. Ready to take the next step? Contact us today!